We have multiple cash prizes for runners so make sure to sign up to be in with a chance to win some money. Our total Prize fund this year is £2530, details below

  • The Mr Bike Challenge - The first male runner to beat 2019's winning male time (01:07:31) and the first female to beat 2019's winning female time (01:16:28) will receive £500 each

  • New for 2022 - Running Club Team Prize - The first 4 finishers of a running club with cumulative best time wins £100, each team must have a minimum of 1 female runner. All clubs will be entered automatically.

  • Position Prizes - 1st £80, 2nd £60, 3rd £40, 4th £35, 5th £30 (both for male and female)

  • Age grade prizes in each category (£40-£30) 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-70, 70+

Men as for women, 1st and 2nd

  • Local Runner Prizes - 1st and 2nd male and female runner with an NG24 Postcode (£30-£20)


We feel strongly that prizes for the half marathon should be awarded fairly with respect to gender and age category. This recognises age graded ability and not simply the fastest.


There will also be a number of locally sponsored prizes giving every runner a chance to do their best and be recognised.

  • 1 months adult membership to Active4Today - Any finisher with an NG postcode will automatically be entered into the prize draw, regardless of finish time, Prize to be awarded in the week after the race.

  • 4 x £20 spot prizes for Lincolnshire Runner, 4 numbers will be drawn at random upon start of race and will be awarded as those runners cross the finish line

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