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'The most amazing example of care and humanity that there is in Newark' - Stuart Sibcy tells

Stuart Sibcy recently undertook the London Marathon and raised over £1,500 for Beaumond House, Stuart has signed up for the Newark Half Marathon and is calling on all those who have entered the Newark Half Marathon to raise funds to support Beaumond House.

“For anyone who's interested I came 976,856 out of the London Marathon ‪#‎oneinamillion campaign. There will be many, many more after me. And all running for their own reasons.

I love Beaumond House. It continues to bring the most support to Helen (my wife) than any public backed nhs or private medical institution. Hospices are about humanity and care during and after cancer and other life changing treatments. We're all potential victims and we should hold those places dear. It's not about old people being looked after before they die. Recently Helen needed to get some guidance and support. The stoma nurses aren't available, the GPs didn't have a place but BH were there to get her in and answer her questions and give quality advice. She's had the all clear but she doesn't get enough after care from the state. Beaumond House are there for her and hundreds more people, young and old, who need their support and experience. If you are taking part, please do think about support this wonderful local charity I have and will continue to try to raise the profile of the most amazing example of care and humanity that there is in Newark. Help me out.”

To sign up click here.

To raise money in support of Beaumond House click here.

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