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How to prepare for a half – a personal view

There are no rigid rules for preparing for a half marathon. Most experienced runners will have their own pet methods and rituals. I always wear a special pair of running shoes that are only for races as it makes the day seem special and prepares me mentally. But there are certain musts in the last few days.

Keep saying to yourself “I am ready for this, and I’m going to enjoy the experience”. Negative thoughts on the day will diminish your enjoyment, although you will certainly feel a sense of elation and achievement on rising to the challenge when you complete the half marathon.

Make sure you have the right attire which includes the important running shoes. Eat well and drink plenty in the days beforehand. Do not overdo the training in the week before the run. It will not be of benefit and will tire your body and mind. You should be raring to go on the day.

Arrive in plenty of time on the day so you are not panicking about parking, picking up numbers and the like. Part of the enjoyment of running is the people you meet at these events before and after the race so chat to them.

After the event drink fluids and have food as quickly as possible to replenish your body. Stretch tired limbs so that you will ache less. Change out of wet clothes if possible or get showered. I then just relax with a glass or two of wine and the company of friends and family and plan my next race.

Peter Davis MBE

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